Master The Land Business In 3 Months


The Program Includes:


13 Weekly One-On-One Coaching Sessions

We'll help you build a solid foundation for running a highly profitable land business. ($10,000 Value)

  • Learn how to Select The Right Market
  • A Comprehensive Understanding of Direct Mail
  • Due Diligence Essentials
  • How to Sell Success Properties Faster
  • When and How to Close Transactions Efficiently

Lifetime Premium Membership to the Land Investing Masterclass

As a coaching client, you'll also get full access to the paid membership community in the Land Investing Masterclass. This includes a private forum, monthly Q&A sessions with Seth and Jaren, 12 content-packed education modules and much more! ($1,997 Value)

Unlimited Access To Jaren Barnes

For the duration of this 13-week program, Jaren will be accessible to you via Slack Messaging and Email. Additional meetings can also be scheduled on an as-needed basis. You won't be alone as you get started! ($6,500 Value)

Total Value

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13 Week Coaching Curriculum:

Week 1: The Land Business Life Cycle and Choosing Your Market

An introduction to the land business and a step-by-step system to selecting a strong market.

Week 2: Set Up Your Business Infrastructure

A systematic approach to setting up your phone system, business mailing address, your company LLC, and more.

Week 3: Master the Art of Direct Mail Marketing

Everything you'll need to conduct your first successful direct mail campaign, whether it be postcards, letters or blind offers.

Week 4: Introduction To Selling Properties Fast

Lean the different ways you can sell land, where to list your properties and more.

Week 5: Due Diligence

Learn how to avoid the pitfalls of buying bad inventory and master the process of due diligence.

Week 6: The Closing Process Overview (When You’re Buying)

Everything you need to close outside of a title company (if that's the best route) and an overview of all the legal documents required to transfer ownership successfully.

Week 7: Master Class Of Selling Properties Fast

Master the skills needed to make your ad listings world class, how to sell properties extremely fast and more.

Week 8: The Closing Process Overview (When You’re Selling)

Everything you need to close outside of a title company (if that's the best route) and an overview of all the legal documents required to transfer ownership successfully.

Week 9: Seller Financing

Step-by-step guidance on everything required to sell a property via seller-financing successfully.

Week 10: Business Infrastructure Next Steps

Next step options for scaling your land business and building the life of your dreams.

Week 11-13: Customized

The remaining weeks are left for you to use as you need them. If there is a subject you need more clarification on or if you want to use them for help analyzing potential deals you can use these as you see fit.

What Our Clients Say

"Working with Jaren has been an absolute pleasure, he allows easy access to his personal schedule so you can always get your questions answered.

He's been actively checking up on me to make sure that I'm on top of my work. I would highly recommend working with him to anyone that wants to get a jump start on their land business!"

Alex Tiburzi

"12 modules and 6 months after signing up for the REtipster coaching program, Jaren and Seth still always make themselves available for advice, coaching, and encouragement.

They have literally never turned back a request for feedback, advice, and sanity checks as I struggled through the early months of learning this business. The course is great, but just as valuable has been their mentorship, responsiveness, and support outside the formal lesson plans.

I'm buying my tenth property 5 months after my first direct mail campaign, have sold three properties, and am taking the first steps toward scaling my business.

Without the REtipster coaching program, I would not have had the knowledge and confidence to take the leap and stick with it."

Sean Callahan

"I have to admit that we were reluctant at first to spend more money in our quest to learn the land business, but it turns out that signing up for the coaching class with Jaren was the best money that we have spent in this business. Jaren has taught us so much.

Prior to the class, we spent several months trying to find our way in the land business.

In the process, we made some bad decisions. Jaren’s coaching class has given us direction and focus that we could not have gotten anywhere else.

Jaren has been accessible, approachable and genuinely wants to see us succeed. I cannot recommend the program strongly enough.

If you are ready to focus and work smarter not harder on your land business, I highly recommend this coaching program."

Steve Fillenwarth

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